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What is the difference between PRI and Nadcap?

PRI is a not for profit trade association founded in 1990 by SAE International. PRI administers Nadcap. Nadcap is the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products and provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries.

When did Nadcap start?

Nadcap launched in July 1990.

How many Nadcap audits are conducted annually?

Approximately 5,000 Nadcap audits are conducted annually around the world.

Where in the world do Nadcap audits take place?

Nadcap audits take place all over the world. More than half are conducted in the Americas, nearly one-third in Europe and over 10% in Asia. The number of audits taking place in Europe and Asia continues to increase year on year.

How many Suppliers hold Nadcap accreditation?

Nadcap has over 2,800 accredited Suppliers of special processes and products listed on the Nadcap Qualified Manufacturers’ List (QML). The QML is publicly available online at www.eAuditNet.com

What are the benefits of Nadcap for accredited companies?

Surveys performed on the Nadcap accredited Supplier base indicate an average 40% reduction in audits following Nadcap accreditation.

Over half of Nadcap accredited companies report that accreditation has helped to increase sales and/or attract new business.

85% of Nadcap accredited companies report a measured improvement in quality as a result of being Nadcap accredited.

More than two-thirds of aerospace industry representatives believe Nadcap contributes to the overall aerospace industry’s safety record.

How many Nadcap auditors are there?

There are around 200 Nadcap auditors with an average of 30 years experience in their field. Learn more about Nadcap auditors.

What is the role of the Staff Engineer?

The Staff Engineer’s role is to review audit reports, work with Suppliers to close out any non-conformances identified during the audit and review process, and act as supporting staff to their assigned Task Group(s) during technical and procedural discussions. The Staff Engineer offers a perspective unaffected by commercial or other influences, with a consistent approach to audit reviews. The Staff Engineer also provides one focal point during the audit review process for the Supplier and ensures that responses are sufficient and will be understood by technical representatives of the Task Group who provide the final review.

How many companies mandate Nadcap?

There are over 50 major aerospace Prime Subscribers, most of whom require Nadcap accreditation throughout their supply chain.

How do aerospace prime contractors utilize Nadcap in their supplier approval process?

Nadcap accreditation does not equal customer approval. However, some customers may use Nadcap as a part of their customer approval process. Please contact your customer(s) for details of their exact approval processes and requirements.

Please be aware that you do not need to have aerospace customer approvals in order to have a Nadcap audit. There are processes in place to allow for this and we will work with you to arrange your Nadcap audit accordingly.